How to order with a coupon code at ROC.PH?

Coupon codes are a new spin on an old concept. For much of the 20th century, consumers could clip paper coupons out of newspapers, magazines and advertisements. They would present those coupons at stores for a discount or deal. In the 21st century, you can get the same deals by entering coupon codes at ROC.PH. Although the process is different, the savings haven't changed. Here are the steps:

1) Visit our website ( )

2) Click Pricing

3) On Pricing Page, scroll down and find " Please Select Your Plan". If you are interested to order 1 year subscription, Please select 12 months.

4) If you choose Startup Package, Click Sign Up button

5) On the Client Portal. You will choose Billing Cycle, If you prefer 12 months, Choose Annually and click Continue button. 

6) On Cart Page, If you have Coupon Code, Click "Click here to add it".

7) Enter the Promotion or Coupon Code in the field

8) Once the code is typed, Click Validate Code button.

Note: Test code is for sample presentation purposes only. 

9) As you can see, the code is applied and show results

10) You can see the discount applied and you can click "Checkout" button

11) On Checkout Page, Fill up the information needed and click "Submit Order" to complete. Once completed, You will receive Order Number and system generated email messages.

Alternatively, You may also contact us via Phone (046) 423 0393 , Mobile: 09198444311 / 09151446843 or Facebook Page ( for signing up assistance.

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